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100 Steps

A little project to explore a small space, and to see things a little differently

Inspiration for this project was taken from the artist Richard Long’s work “100 mile”

in which he walked 100 miles in a circle in Dartmoor documenting the sights and

sounds. It can be easy to overlook the small details and everyday beauties that

surround us, so pick a starting point and from this point take 100 steps.

Pick a starting point
Take 10 steps
Take note of the things right in front of you, the sound smell, maybe write this down, draw a picture, take a photograph.
Then, take 10 more steps, take note and observe.
Repeat until you do a 100 steps.

Take this opportunity to slow down and notice. You can do this indoors, in circles, around your garden, down your street or if moving around is not easy, let your eyes wander and do the steps.

Get really close and notice things.

This can be a daily diary of seeing the world from a different angle.

Enjoy the 100 step adventure.

This little project was design by our Creative Art Facilitator Lisa-Marie Gibbs.

Having fun discovering your inner creativity?

If you are interested in being more creative, check out our courses facilitated by Lisa Marie Gibbs.

We currently have 2 courses:

- Experimenting with Film, Photography & Soundscapes.


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