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15 minute Art Project

This is an idea to start a little or big project or just to pass 15 minutes. little project created by Lisa-Marie Gibbs our Creative facilitator at Stepping Stones Recovery college.

This project looks at creating drawings or a piece of writing looking at a little collection of things placed on a table. It could be objects you choose to create a still life or ones that already adorn your table.

When the objects are taken out of their natural habitats and placed next to each other. Look at the unusual shapes and colours. Imagine the objects as a stage set or imaginary world.

You will need paper, pencils, crayons or pens a tea towel and some objects.

  • Arrange your objects in front of you.

  • Think about which objects are next to each other, inside each other or are some piled up? Maybe one is hiding behind another?

  • Stare at the objects for 20 seconds. Look really carefully.

  • Focus on the colours, the shapes the textures, then hide your objects with the tea towel.v Now draw what you can remember.

  • Draw what stuck in your mind most vividly form the still life.

When you have finished compare your drawing with the still life in front of you. What did you remember? What did you forget?

Try it again with a different arrangement of objects.

Here are 3 images these are yours to help you catch some inspiration from artists that have created works inspired by a still life on a table.

Take a few minutes to absorb the details in the picture. What’s the main focal point? What’s in the foreground or background? What about colour, light and small details?

· Take a look at the picture, and just let your imagination flow. What do you see? Hear? Touch/Feel? Smell? Taste?

Having fun discovering your inner creativity

If you are interested in being more creative, check out our courses facilitated by Lisa Marie Gibbs.

We currently have 2 courses:

- Experimenting with Film, Photography & Soundscapes.


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