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Grieving Living Losses

Single Workshop, Monday 28th February, 2-4pm

Course / Workshop Content

WHI IS THIS FOR? This workshop is for anyone that has experienced a living loss. This might be your job, a relationship in the family or a friendship. Or it might be that you have lost the ability to perform an activity. Living with loss is part of life but can affect us all and in different ways. WHAT WILL I LEARN? You will learn about our core human needs and how we all grieve loss in different ways. You will discover how you cope with loss and how you grieve it in your own unique way. We will look into new approaches to loss and grief and help you meet your own needs without restricting your grieving to ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ or putting your grief on a timeline. HOW CAN I USE WHAT I LEARN? You will be able to let go of internal judgment and shame. You will be able to use tools to accept and befriend your loss, move through the different stages of grief and find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

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