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The Thrive Programme

6 part Course. Weekly starting Thursday 8th February 10:30am-12:30pm Debbie Workman

  • Stepping Stones Recovery College

Course / Workshop Content

**Attendance on this course can only be booked through the Stepping Stones office, so if you would like to attend, please call us on 01344 300333 and ask to speak to Debbie, to find out a little more about what it involves, before enrolling.** WHO IS THIS FOR? This programme is all about learning to THRIVE and is for anyone with something in their life that they would like to change or improve. When you understand how your mind works and what makes you tick, you can set about changing it and this can help you to feel less stuck. You will learn to believe that any change comes from YOU and that you DO have the power to achieve it. The course does take commitment and you will need to attend each session and put in effort in between, by practising what you have learnt, ideally setting some time aside each day to do this. WHAT WILL I LEARN? Learn to start to Thrive in this 6-week evidence-based training programme that will help create better mental health for yourself and start the journey in realising your personal potential. Week 1: Learn more about how The Thrive programme works, exploring how you view yourself and how this is impacted by limited beliefs, your mindset, and your psychological foundations. Week 2: Explore where your own beliefs have come from and how much impact you really can have on your coping skills. Week 3: Explore how you feel about yourself and learn ways to boost your self-esteem. Explore how you respond to social influences and pressures and learn how to challenge unhelpful thoughts. Week 4: Start to learn to recognise and modify your own unhelpful thinking styles so that you can increase your self-esteem and lower your social anxiety. Week 5: Explore the importance of the language you use with yourself and how it can have an impact on your beliefs, mood, and sense of power. Week 6: Explore how you can cause your own stress and learn a technique that can help you to reduce this. Celebrate together how far you have come and identify what comes next for you. HOW CAN I USE WHAT I LEARN? If you come with a mind open for change and are willing to put in effort during this programme, you can learn to really Thrive and make the most out of life, with added resilience, knowing that you have the skills and resources to cope with setbacks and hurdles.

Course dates

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to someone else. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Bracknell RG12 1AE, UK

    01344 300333

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