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This course can no longer be booked please contact us for futher info.

Ways to think more Positively

One 2-hour session. Tuesday 21st March. 2pm-4pm Anne-Marie Gawen

  • Stepping Stones Recovery College

Course / Workshop Content

WHO IS THIS FOR? All of us who have ever been troubled by unhelpful thinking – perhaps at 4am? Perhaps when someone criticises us? Perhaps when someone does (or doesn’t) do what we wanted them to do. We can jump to conclusions, make all kinds of negative assumptions when we allow our brains to gravitate towards a negative interpretation of life. We ALL do it – it is part of being human, so all humans would benefit from this workshop! WHAT WILL I LEARN? You will learn that to be human is to be ...... well, complex! We are all the result of our life experiences, culture, genes, personality. We all come with our unique set of strengths and preferences and we ALL interpret the world in a unique way. When we realise this, we can also take the next step and think “Hmmm – maybe there is a different way to think about this” And, that "different way" might well serve you better and be more helpful. Find out what the common thinking traps are, why we sometimes have “stinking thinking” and what to do about it. It’s all fascinating, enlightening and useful. HOW MIGHT I ME ABLE TO USE WHAT I LEARN? You will gain great insight into the ways that we, as humans, can overthink, jump to conclusions, blame, feel guilty, ruminate, catastrophise etc. AND importantly, takeaway some techniques to put the brakes on that kind of unhelpful thinking and instead accelerate some more helpful thinking styles. True life lessons for everyone to live a more tranquil life.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to someone else. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Bracknell RG12 1AE, UK

    01344 300333

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