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Minna Is our facilitator for our Food and Mood Course.

Minna Wood (MSc, MBANT, rCNHC) is a registered nutrition and lifestyle medicine practitioner, a mindset coach, a gut-brain health geek and a healthy foodie! She holds a Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition and Practice Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Her nutrition and coaching clinic MetaWell is based in Bracknell and online, where she helps clients with chronic symptoms, particularly gut and digestive symptoms, low mood and anxiety, inflammatory, autoimmune and skin conditions, as well as supporting women through a healthy menopause. On top of her one-to-one clinic work and healthy cooking sessions, she also offers nutrition talks to organisations and groups, facilitates a Food and Mood course at Stepping Stones Recovery College Bracknell, and has run Nutrition for Long Covid sessions with NHS patients. She’s also written articles for online magazines and appeared in podcasts and local radio.

Minna is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals and the community to learn about the perils of processed foods, the benefits of the rainbow diet and home-cooking, and the important connection between the gut and the brain, so that they can feel informed and empowered to take charge of their own health. Her Food and Mood students learn about latest research findings on the gut-brain connection and why and how the food they eat can affect their mood. She equips her students with simple practical tips that students can take away and use to support their own mental health. Some feedback from previous students:

“Everyone should do the course, old, young, rich or poor. Thank you so much, you have changed my life physically and mentally.”

“I would recommend this course so that other people can understand foods and moods. Brilliant teacher.”

“Thank you, the course was very useful and informative, I enjoyed it very much.”

“Minna is so knowledgeable and importantly she is willing to share that knowledge in a relatable way.”

Minna’s free eBook ‘Happy Gut – Happy You – 5 simple daily hacks for a happy gut and a happy mind’ is available for everyone who wants to learn about the gut-brain connection.

Minna loves looking after her own health and supporting healthy ageing with diet, lifestyle and mindset and with practices such as movement, nature, saunas and cold exposure. She enjoys spending time in her kitchen and her veg patch, doing walks, yoga and strength training, cuddling up with her cat Daisy and lakeside-holidaying in her native Finland.

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