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Stepping Stones Charter
- We promise to - 

Behave in a way that fosters mutual respect and support between everyone in the college.

Do our best to always to make others feel welcome, safe and respected.

Do everything in our power to prevent discrimination and discriminatory attitudes that discourage diversity and difference.


Respect personal boundaries and refrain from making physical contact with others whilst in the college.

Celebrate our differences and focus on our strengths; we can challenge opinions but not the person voicing them.

Come as we are, no matter how we’re feeling and remember to be open to listening and learning.

Give our full attention to the session and not use our phones unless it’s an emergency.

Not engage in gossip, derogatory or violent talk. Not use innuendo, insults, threats, name calling or anything that makes those around us feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Please also be mindful of offensive language such as swearing.

Only discuss personal financial problems with the college lead and not with other students. 

Refrain from asking for, or lending to other students, any money, or personal items.  

Never attend the College while intoxicated – from any substance.

Adhere to the college’s latest health and safety guidelines.


Be realistic about how many courses and workshops we are going to attend.


Contact Stepping Stones if we are unable to attend any booked workshops, classes or courses so that our place can be offered to someone else.

LEARN together, GROW together, and INSPIRE one another.

Staying Safe

Stepping Stones is a safe place and we are committed to keeping it that way. Everybody is bound by the Stepping Stones Student Charter, so we all follow the same guidelines. At enrolment and then at the start of every term, every single person attending Stepping Stones, whether as a student, volunteer or facilitator, will be asked to sign a form saying that they will follow this Charter.  


If you are at all concerned about yourself or somebody else, please talk to a member of staff immediately.  You are very welcome to call or Email us anytime.

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