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Anne-Marie started her own business, called Unlock Your Wellbeing, 6 years ago. She works with many other organisations, delivering Mental Health & Wellbeing training courses. This includes many corporate, charity and 3 rd sector workplaces and she has worked in other local Recovery Colleges in the past.

She joined with Bernadette to set up Stepping Stones Recovery College and has been instrumental in getting it off the ground.

She delivers a WIDE range of courses at SSRC including

1. Foundations of Recovery (6 sessions)

2. Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) (5 sessions)

3. Volunteer Training (6-8 Sessions)

4. Getting a Good Night’s SLEEP

5. Science of Happiness (2 Sessions)

6. Emotional First Aid (2 Sessions)

7. Building Resilience

8. Understanding Mental Health and wellbeing

9. Understanding Psychosis

10. Understanding Bi-Polar Disorder

11. Understanding Schizophrenia

12. Understanding Suicide

13. Understanding Eating Disorders

14. Understanding Personality Disorders (2 Sessions)

15. Dealing with the Festive Season

16. Practical Ways of living better with trauma

17. Jigsaw Discovery Tool (2 Sessions)

18. Conflict, it steals our joy so how can we reduce it?

19. Our Values matter and can guide us to our “Best Life”

20. Let’s Think about our THINKING – and make life less challenging.

21. How to get the services you need from Health Care Professionals, including your GP

Additionally, she delivers Mental Health First Aid training and other courses for the Workplace. This means that she is well placed to support the ambitions of SSRC to work with local businesses and make Bracknell a great place to live and work.

For those of you who have attended her sessions you will know that Anne-Marie wants to support Students to be the best version of themselves by delivering sessions which are fun, practical and inspiring.

You may also be aware that Crochet is something she finds very therapeutic and has furnished the College with bunting and blankets she has crocheted Anne-Maire is always looking for new ways to improve courses and to develop new ones.

Her inspiration comes from YOU the Students – she feels privileged to be able to work with SSRC Other inspirations are people like Brene Brown, Russell Brand and Lucy Hone.

Favourite sayings –

Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside

If someone hasn’t walked in your shoes, don’t ask them for advice on how to tie your laces

Anger is Sad’s bodyguard

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being” – Hafiz

(She has Hundreds of these!)

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