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After many years of corporate work life and a diverse career background, I decided to set up as an independent mental health and wellbeing consultant to support organisations make changes, big or small, to the way they create a culture of acceptance, inclusion and tolerance in which individuals are supported holistically, that means physically, emotionally and psychologically.

During my 20 years of corporate world life, I learnt that wellbeing needs to form part of the organisation’s culture where every individual is able to freely talk about challenges, difficulties and adversity and feel supported and empowered.

My aim is to support organisations, their teams and their individuals with educational workshops, inspirational training programs and thought provoking talks to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health, wellbeing and neurodiversity and promote inclusion and diversity in society.

Wherever you are in your wellbeing journey, we are able to support you and work with you to design and created the fundamental elements needed to transform your workspace to provide healthier and more productive working environments for your employees.

My approach

Our Approach to Wellbeing, Mental Health and Neuro-inclusion:

✔️Provide  educative workshops on mental health, Neuro-inclusion and mental illness in an inspirational way

✔️Support Individuals wellbeing through inclusion and wellbeing plans.

✔️Reduce stigma through knowledge

✔️Strengthen organisations by making a positive changes to the workplace culture

✔️Empower individuals by providing needs based support plans.

✔️Manage Challenges smartly to obtain employee satisfaction and retention

✔️Support Employer tap into a pool of the pool of talent within the neurodivergent employees by exploring strengths and having a strengths based approach to recruitment.


Twitter @OlgaZilberberg

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