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Victoria is our facilitator for Sining at Stepping Stones.

Victoria studied a diploma in Jazz and pop music at Chichester College of Technology and after many years of dedicating her life to the music industry as backing vocalist to the stars/writing and singing for TV shows and touring around the world as a recording artist pianist and vocalist, Victoria set up VoxSkool 'for the singer in you' helping people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their inner voices and grow in confidence through the power of singing and music. Victoria leads fun and uplifting sessions to help enhance mental health and wellness from the basic skills in how to use the voice up to offering opportunities in performing with choirs or as soloists. Victoria is the singing coach and leader at Stepping Stones for beginners group on a Wednesday at the recovery college and intermediate group at Southill Park on Thursdays. 

Victoria believes that everyone can sing with the right tools and support and that music is a journey to be explored and a gift to be cherished in all areas of our life.

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