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Would you like to give something back?

How can I get involved?

One of the ways you can to do this is by becoming a Peer Volunteer or Mentor. Your own experiences can bring something very special to this role, which is to befriend, guide and support other students as they develop their Personal Recovery and Learning plan and progress through the college. In time, you might choose to co-deliver some workshops. We would be delighted to have your support and experience and we have special training courses to help you feel confident about doing this.  

What support and training will I receive?

We want you to enjoy your role in supporting students and so we will give you the skills and time you need to do this. We won’t just throw you in at the deep end! Our training courses will also allow you to consider what the role involves and the skills you will need to support others.  

How long is the training?

The main training course is six sessions, delivered over 3 weeks, so two half day sessions a week. This will keep you on track but also give you time to reflect on what you are learning and how you can become confident in the role. The training includes different ways to learn – activities, discussions, quizzes, video clips and presentations.  And we are always looking for ways to improve, so we will welcome your thoughts and ideas throughout.

How will I use my own experience?

One of really the positive things about recovery colleges is that your own experience is greatly valued and our aim is to reduce the stigma that can still be associated with this. You will be a role model for our students and have a unique relationship with them. Your resilience and experience can give them, and you, hope, inspiration and encouragement.

Will the training be helpful outside the College?

Our training is new and is not yet an accredited qualification but it could provide you with an avenue into paid work, including in mental health and other support services. We will also provide you with a certificate recognising what you have learned and your achievements at stepping Stones.

When is the first course running and how do I let you know I am interested?

Courses will run throughout the year and for more details of this or if you’d like to discuss anything further, please call us on: 01344 300333 or 07961664854 or email

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