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Make Friends With a Lion


You can choose to apply the "Taming by naming strategy", aka "Making Friends with your lion"

With Your 'Lion' this isn't easy to do - but maybe it is time for you to stop responding to things that trigger difficult feelings in your usual way? Which may be running away, avoiding, hiding, drinking or even hurting yourself in some way.

How to do this

L Label: "I am feeling...' How is this making you feel? - dig deep to the real feeling

I Interest: Get curious. 'That's interesting... wonder what that is about?'

O Origin: Explore. Why am I feeling this threat - where did it come from?

N New meaning: Can I view it in a different, more helpful way? What else could it mean?

This is an opportunity to retrain your brain to see the LION as a cute little pussy cat.

  • A Harmless.

  • Not a threat at all.

  • A Looks a bit like that frightening thing (LION) but it isn't.

  • No need to run.


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