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Wednesday Wellbeing

We had a fantastic day on Monday 9th may - our first ever open day!

We welcomed around 70 guests and registered several new students.

Our two "flashmobs" were well received by shoppers and visitors of Lexicon - see the link below.

Thank you to all the students and facilitators who helped make the day such a success.

Meet one of our fabulous facilitators! Anne-Marie Gawen

Anne-Marie is our resident wellbeing and happiness facilitator! She has worked in Adult Social Care and Adult Mental Health for many years and has worked for national and local charities. She is the director and owner of her own wellbeing business "Unlock your wellbeing", which delivers training in wellbeing and mental health matters. Anne-Marie believes that training should be inspirational and, most of all, memorable! At Stepping Stones Recovery College she facilitates several courses and workshops including Foundations of recovery, Jigsaw of self-discovery, The Science of happiness, Emotional first aid and Getting a good night's sleep - to name but a few!


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